Steroids In Baseball


It has been said that the steroids era in baseball has ended, and the proof of this is that it is once again a pitchers game. For some though, they are disappointed to see the era come to an end. Instead they would rather see guys hit the ball 500 feet on a regular basis, stealing hundreds of bases a season, and record breaking performances every year. They would rather see super human numbers in the record books, instead of records set with talent alone. For myself, I can not stress enough how much I am against this. I always respect other opinions, but in my opinion, allowing steroids in the game of baseball, to me is an abomination. Yes, everyone enjoys watching as there is a possibility that a record could be broken, but to see a bunch of juiced up average Joes playing the game I love is disgraceful. I would rather pay money to go see the up and coming Bryce Harper’s and Mike Trout’s of the league, than some guy a team pulled off the street to pump full of steroids, so he could hit long home runs and run the bases faster than Usain Bolt. What about the pitchers? After we allow steroids in batters, pitchers careers are over. Even if pitchers took steroids too, how does that help them? They may be able to throw the ball faster, but when the batter squares up the ball, that only allows him to hit the ball further. Pitchers of today  get tired of giving up one monstrous shot after another, that they quit, and instead we are left with, once again, another average Joe, this time on the mound, only difference is, he has no dignity or pride and is alright with losing game after game so that some batter no one knows can play home run derby against him; yeah right. If this seems like a joke, it is because it is. Who cares to pay hard earned money to go see that. If you do, then go get a team together and hit off a tee. Better yet, don’t, instead, pick a different sports to ruin, instead of wasting our time and the time others, who could be using that time practicing, because they actually have talent. Keep the game of baseball pure, don’t turn it into a circus. If you have talent, use it, if not, you were destined for something else.


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