The Extinction of a Game?


It is becoming more and more of a pressing issue in sports, especially in the NFL; brain related injuries. The rate of concussions has dramatically climbed in recent years, and many fear it could be end for football. While everyone is doing everything they can to make the game safer for all, the question becomes, will it ever be enough? The NFL has put in place many new rules, including a strict policy against lowering of the helmet while tackling, in an effort to prevent such injuries, and  numerous companies are working long and hard to develop safer helmets. Though the issue is predominantly higher in the NFL, it ranges much further than that, as many parents are keeping their children from playing the game of football, in fear that their children could too sustain a brain related injury. The issue has become a touchy one in recent years, as many former players are filing lawsuits towards the NFL after suffering an injury in their careers, and was a big topic during the NFL lockout. The issue is being taken very seriously, and respectfully so, but for many it is not serious enough, and believe the NFL and others are not doing everything they can. As for myself, I don’t know if everyone is doing all they can, but I do believe everyone is taking a very illogical approach to such an issue. I was fortunate enough to play football when I was younger, and though I never suffered a concussion, I was aware of the possibility. While I do not mean to downplay the severity of the issue, my advice is, if you are afraid of sustaining such an injury, don’t play the game. We all take risks everyday, whether it is driving a car, or simply going to sleep each night, but we choose to take these risks, and while you may not choose to play football, those who do, know the risks involved with doing so. Football is a rough sport, it always has been, and always will be, so treat it as so. Unfortunately this will continue to happen, players will get hurt, they will sustain brain related injuries, but it is part of the game, and if you one who does get hurt, I sympathize for you, but don’t look for someone to blame, you knew the risks going in. My dream for all is this never happens to you, and though it is unrealistic, I hope one day anyone who chooses to can play this game without the risk of injury, but until then, please be smart about in that you do.


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