Oakland A’s of San Jose

cisco field

Could the Oakland Athletics be the next team in the MLB to be on the move? The A’s have been pushing for a new stadium for years now, but have always been turned down to this point. The initial plan for the Athletics was to stay in the immediate community of Oakland, and build  a new stadium, but when Major League Baseball and the city shot down this plan, they turned to their next best option that would cause them to move closer to their rivals in San Francisco. The Giants got wind of the proposal, and received it with an uproar, stating that the move would be inside their territory and they would not have that. Now, the A’s are looking towards what just may be their last option, in the form of a move to San Jose. Major League Baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, seems to this point onboard with the plan, under the one condition that the Athletics can obtain the property needed to construct the new ballpark. Up to now, only three lots located in the property remain unaquired by the Oakland ball club, two in which are owned by AT&T, ironically the same company who has a sponsorship agreement for AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. While the Oakland Athletics organization is excited about the possible move, fans of the team are not sharing the same joy. Proposed Cisco Field would be located in downtown San Jose, meaning an approximate 40 mile commute South from the present stadium for fans. No fan base ever wants their beloved team to move any distance away, especially when there is so much history in the current ballpark such as the O.Co Coliseum in Oakland, which has served as the Athletics home since 1968, when the team moved to Oakland. So is this a bad idea? In my opinion, I feel for the fans of Oakland, I would never wish any kind of movement away from fans, but I also believe this plan, in the long run, may work out better for not only the team, but the fans alike. The move would give the Oakland A’s a new home in which the organization and some fans desperately do want, but would also keep the Athletics from having to compete for fans with the Giants as aggressively, only being about 30 minutes apart from one another, as they are now. More importantly in my mind, the move ranges further than better accommodations for the Athletics, it would also benefit the Oakland Raiders, who play in the same stadium. Each year the dirt of the baseball diamond can be seen across parts of the fields as the Raiders take the field during home games at the start of their season, creating dangerous conditions. Year after year players are hurt while running across grass then suddenly stepping onto the dirt, causing twisted ankles, a stumble that could ultimately be a game changer, or worse. If the A’s do move to San Jose, it is rumored that they may have to share fields once again, this time with MLS team, the San Jose Earthquakes, still it seems all organizations involved would be happier and better accommodated. Give us your take on the issue, and stay connected for any future updates.


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