End of an Era


It is sad but true, a streak almost ten years in the making has ended. Wednesday night at Fenway Park the streak of 820 consecutive sell out games at Fenway Park, including playoffs, ended as approximately 7,000 seats were left unattended, during an 8-5 loss to the Baltimore Orioles. The streak was the longest in major pro sports history, topping the record of 814 home sellouts set by the 1977-95 Portland Trailblazers of the NBA. The record began in May of 2003 and has lasted almost ten years. Though the reason for a lack of fans can be due to a bad season a year ago, I still must ask, why wouldn’t you continue such a long tradition? My hat is tipped to the fans that were in attendance, as we were able to see the real fans, those who are behind their team through thick and thin. When you are a fan of a team, it’s almost as a marriage, a commitment, and you support that team no matter what. You cheer when they do good, and yell when they disappoint. A true fan is there for their team no matter what, because they will always be there for you. I know there were many fans who were unable to attend the ballgame due to numerous reasons, just as I am an avid sports fan but there isn’t a professional sports team near me, and the nearest are not my teams, or I would be in attendance for my team every night. As for the many of Red Sox fans in Boston, or in neighboring community that were not in attendance due to the disappointment of last season, all I can say is, you are not a true fan, and you should be ashamed. For those of you who are real fans, and shell out money each year just to be able to listen or watch your team across the country, or attend the teams home games, keep doing what you’re and stay true to your team.


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