Storybook Endings


How can you not love sports? It seems year after year, a team will win a championship that becomes the perfect ending to a storybook. First off, let me congratulate the 2013 national champion Louisville Cardinals, on an incredible year, and coach Rick Pitino, who became the first coach in history to win two national titles with two different schools. As for the Michigan Wolverines, they may have come up just short, but they played hard all season long, and had a great run to top off an overall great season. It is almost as if sports are scripted from the beginning. One thing happens during a championship season for a team that makes everyone want to cheer, but what makes a champion? Of course you can discuss that, defense, chemistry, and or players alone can win championships, but for the sake of argument, we are going to focus on just one point, adversity. So why do I believe adversity plays a role in making a champion? It is for that storybook ending. Every year, if you look closely enough one team will overcome adversity to win a championship, and for me the greastest example of this is the 2009 New Orleans Saints. Just four years after Hurricane Katrina swept through New Orleans, the Saints found themselves in a position to pick their city up after devestating adversity such us Katrina. After a 31-17 victory over the favorited Indianapolis Colts, they would do just that. Of course many other things factored into truly helping the city of New Orleans turn the page and start over, but after Katrina, when the 2006 New Orleans Hornets played their home games in Oklahoma City, and Saints being forced out of New Orleans to play their home games at, Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, the Alamodome in San Antonio, and even one home game at Giants Stadium in New York, citizens of New Orleans were begging for some sort of regularity to their lives. The first game back home for the Saints could have sent shivers up anyones spine, sports fan or not. To see a stadium packed full of fans to welcome home their beloved team was one thing, to hear the cheers from thousands of fans as their team was introduced is another. Yes, it did take the Saints four seasons to write the ending to their storybook, but to think it wasn’t still on the minds of players and fans alike is ludacris. Which brings me back to the Louisville Cardinals. How did their overcome adversity? After losing a star to the team in Kevin Ware just games before in the tournament, the Cardinals rallied behind their injured teammate to not only make it to the championship, but to win the title with Ware in attendance.What a perfect ending to a great season. Once again congratulations to the Louisville Cardinals, and the Michigan Wolverines on a phenomenal season. How can you not love sports?


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