One and Done


Unfortunately for most, college basketball’s season has come to an end. While for many this is a time for reflection on the success or turmoil of another season, for some it is time to start planning on their future. More and more players are leaving college early or after just one season to test their skills in the professional level, and believe it or not, many coaches today are even encouraging it. Starting in 2006, players could no longer go straight to the NBA from high school, instead players were forced to be at least 19 years of age and one year removed from high school. For many this meant they would have to spend one year playing college basketball, causing an uproar. In recent years many players with obvious talent left college after one year and declared themselves eligible for the upcoming NBA draft. Many players believe this to be a waste of their time and talent. As for myself, though the change of rules have caused players to now undergo at least one year in college, I am still disappointed in the system. In my opinion players should be forced to undergo at least two years in college, to at the very least achieve an associates degree before they are allowed to leave for the pros. This is the case in college football, as players can not be eligible for the NFL until completing two years. I do understand where players with great talent want to fulfill the dreams of going pro, so leaving college after only one year seems like a great opportunity, I completely disapprove of coaches encouraging this action though. The argument is, that if a player has the ability to play professionally, then why hold the player back from doing so and leaving them susceptible to a possible injury that could cost them that chance a year later? While this is a valid point and you see players decide to stay in college another year, then after an injury their chance of still going pro is gone, I am thinking more towards the future of what happens when the careers of these players come to an end. Injuries effect players all the time no matter the talent level, or whether you’re in college or in the pros. While you may have to wait a year, if you at least obtain your bachelors degree, when the players career does come to an end, whether it is during a practice before you even play a game or after a long and luxurious career, you will always have that associates degree to fall back on, because like it or not one day the players career will come to an end, at least have a back up plan when it does. Give us your take.


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