Irwin Sign Brings Stinging Criticism


One fan finds himself facing some strong criticism, after bringing a sign to a game that many believe was crossing the line. In the second game of the season on Wednesday for the Tampa Bay Rays, 29 year old Army veteran, Lloyd Johnson, was in attendance holding a sign that would later cause him to defend himself from criticism. What did the sign say? During a lengthy car ride, Johnson created the sign that read, Rays To Do List. Number 1, Steve Irwin, which was crossed out with a picture of Mr. Irwin next to it. Steve Irwin, the notorious “Crocodile Hunter”, was killed in 2006 by a sting ray, causing many to believe the sign was offensive. Number 2, win the World Series. Thursday, pictures flooded the Internet after Tampa Bay Rays mascot, Raymond, was captured holding up the sign. Later the Rays apologized saying that while fans were more than welcome to bring their own signs to the ballgame, they found this particular sign offensive, and should not have been allowed into the ballgame. To this point Lloyd has defended himself by saying that the sign was funny, and that people needed to lighten up. So what is considered to be crossing the line? In my opinion, I agree with Mr. Johnson and believe the sign was funny and people do need to lighten up. Many people enjoyed watching the “Crocodile Hunter” and Mr. Irwin’s antics and bizarre way of bringing entertainment to all, including myself, but if it is in fact offensive to laugh at something seven years in the past, it begs the question. When is it appropriate to laugh at something that others may find offensive? Join in and tell us what you think. Do you find it offensive or agree with Johnson and believe people should loosen up?


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