Opening Day 2013

Opening Day 2013

The diamond has been dusted, the line’s chalked, and the grass has been groomed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, its been a long wait, but baseball is back. Opening Day is upon us once again in baseball, so my question for you is, what does opening day mean to you, and what is your favorite opening day moment? Opening day is the most wonderful day of the year. It gives players and teams a fresh start, it’s where comebacks begin, and dreams come to die. It’s where skeptics become believers, hopes become reality, and new faces rise to the occasion in new places. Baseball is here, spring training is finally over, the games count for real, and we all embark on a new season, a season full of what if’s. On opening day anything is possible. It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean after a disappointing season, or shoot for the pennant, after a great run a year ago, or for Giants fans it’s a chance to remember last season and hope to repeat your success again this year. To me, opening day means, that my team, and teams all around the league can show off their new plans and off season acquisitions. It’s a chance to finally put last season to rest, and build hopes to what the new season has in store. It means spring has arrived and with it, 162 games packed full of nail biting, feet stomping, come from behind wins, and tough losses. As for my favorite opening day moment, I dont have to look far into the past. April 1st, 2013, Giants vs Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, Matt Cain vs Clayton Kershaw. After 7 innings of a pitchers duel, Clayton Kershaw, in the midst of so many contract extension talks, is handed the opportunity to bat, ensuring he will get the chance to pitch the remainder of the game, Kershaw hits a home run to lead off the bottom of the 8th, his first of his career. Then after 3 more runs cross in the inning for the Dodgers, Kershaw takes the mound in the 9th and finishes off a complete game shutout to start the season with a bang, and shows all just why he is worth the $200 million contract everyone is expecting. Thats what opening day means to me, and my favorite moment from opening day, now its your turn, tell us what you think. The season looks to be a good one, with lots of entertainment and excitement in store, so have fun this year, and no matter win or lose, good luck to all on a new season.


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